Everything about Latest Android O version or Android 8 and its Features.

Latest Android O features, android O update: Android being the Most popular OS all over the world  introduce new versions every year. Android O aka The Android 8 is coming to the market very soon. According to the resources the new version will be launched probably by the end of the current year i.e 2017. After Android 7 officially being called as Android Nougat  now its time to move on. That is to move to Android 8 “The Next Version”

android o

Android O name and features-

As we are concerned from the predicting upcoming version for Android is quite easy because Android have always adopted the desserts names with an alphabetical ordering of English letter. This year as well, it will be the same. For 2016 we had Android 7.0 Nougat and for 2017 we will have Android 8.0 name starting with letter O.

Here are some of the possible names of the Upcoming Android O version

  • Android Oreo: Oreo the best-selling cookie in the United States might take up the Android 8.0 name as alphabetically it starts with English letter O. Even Cadbury makes Oreo biscuits which are worldwide popular.
  • Android Oatmeal: Made up of Oatgrains. The Oatmeal cookies are very famous and rich in health. and hence all people now a days are health conscious.

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Android O UPDATE

Android 8 Update

Of course the Android 8.0 O update will be available to a number of devices. Google promises guaranteed update to qualifying Nexus and Android One phones. Apart from that several phones manufactured by Sony, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Xiaomi will receive the update.

The complete details of which phones are eligible will be available very soon.

As of now, it’s hard to predict which devices will receive this update but given that some carriers have offered software support for a longer duration, which also sees through the Android 8.0 O.


It’s hard to comment on what will be the Android O features but with the launch of Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone, the company might be thinking to bring in the Google Assistant pre-loaded on this Android version, at least to Nexus and upcoming Pixel flagship phones.

As of now the following possible features can be assumed

  • Finger Gesture: Many phones have been launched with finger gesture feature. By drawing patterns through finger you can easily open configured options like camera, music and so on. Even Lineage OS, Cyanogen OS and Oxygen OS have this feature.
  • Picture in Picture (PiP) mode
  • Faster boot times
  • Restricted background activities
  • Contextual press-to-hold options
  • Adaptive app icons
  • Boosted audio performance
  • Enhanced Notification dots

Nokia’s Flagship phones will also receive android O update along with Samsung, Motorola, Nexus and other popular brands.