How to Find ATM With Cash instantly? Find ATM near you (Updated)

Find ATM with cash near me, Check ATM Cash Availability, ATM with cash finder apps: Hello Friends!! Today we are going to share a very important trick reference to the historical announcement of PM Modi. On 8th November 2016 PM Modi declared ban on the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes officially. After the ban on Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes the Govt. of India has made some specific rules regarding ATM and Bank withdrawal and deposit. And the biggest problem is availability of cash is poor than need. That’s why it has been become a very big task to find a ATM with Cash near you

Find nearby ATM with Cash

It seems a long line in front of all ATM’s and after waiting hours and hours some people returns without any cash. Only some lucky customer get the cash. Because no body knows is there available cash or not where he/she is standing on line. But you can solve this problem by reading this article. Some new websites or apps has come up like,, Walnut, to help you finding nearby ATM with cash. You can even find how long is the queue is. They have all the information of Finding cash in nearby ATM of India.


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How to Find ATM With Cash ? ATM with cash finding tools

So, now you can check before visiting a ATM is there available cash or not. This a very simple process and by following it you can find cash in ATM near you. Let us see the complete process to findĀ  nearby ATM with Cash.

Cash no cash powered by Quikr is Atm with cash finding site. Just enter the pin code of your area and you get all nearby ATM’s cash status. Green means there is cash, orange stands for wait and red is for No cash.

CashnoCash nearby ATM with cash or no cash finder

Find ATM with Cash

  • First of all visit the official site. Click here to visit.
  • Now find the search bar of the website and enter your areas pin code.
  • Click on “Find Cash” option.
  • That’s all. Now you can find the ATM Cash near you.

ATM with Cash


Like cash no cash Cash in atm is another site to find cash near you. Cash in atm not only tells you which are the working atm near you but also tells how long is the queue.

  • First visit cashinatm here
  • Enter pin
  • You will get all the status of nearby atm’s
  • you can also Share the status of your atm in facebook, google+ etc to earn points

Walnut app

Walnut is a finance management app which allows you to manage your expenses and list them. It uses every users data to help other users find ATM with cash. Users shares different ATM data like cash in atm, How long is ATM queue? etc in twitter, whats app or in any social ways to help finding atm with cash or no cash.

atm in cash-min

  • Download Walnut app here
  • install the app
  • Verify mobile number
  • Allow access to your data
  • That’s it, it automatically shows your expenses in your account

In Walnut You can also set notification of nearby cash in ATM. The app will tell you when cash in your nearby atm is available.

The Symbols showing ATM status with cash or no cash is as follows:-

Green : ATM Active now

Orange : ATM’s Active recently

Grey : ATM’s Active in last few days

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CMS ATM finder

CMS ATM finder is the atm finding tool provided by the world’s fourth largest ATM cash management company It is India’s largest cash management and payment solution. It collects the accurate data of around 55000 ATM’s under CMS group.

cms atm finder

How to find ATM with cash by CMS ATM finder tool?

  • First of all go to CMS ATM finder
  • select your state
  • Then select city
  • Now you will see list of atm’s in your nearby area
  • select any one
  • You can find if atm has cash or not

ATM Search

You can get all information of the ATMs around you by website You can Search for any area on the website by typing the location and hitting the Search ATM button. After hitting the button you will get a list of ATMs that have cash or no cash and how long the ATM queue is, along with nearby landmarks. This is a very simple process to find ATM near to you.

ATM With Cash

Other ATM with cash finding methods:

There are a lots of sites or apps that can show you ATM with cash near you. We have stated above few of most working methods. There are few more such as ATM finder app. It gives a list of ATM’s in rang of 1-10 KM near you. You can filter atm’s of your preferred bank. Also you can get directions to the selected atm from your location.

Tapzo is also a app which shows atm status. It helps finding working ATM as well as the status.

You can also Use google maps to find ATM near you. However it does not show if there is cash or no cash in the ATM.

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Importance of finding Nearby ATM with cash

Not only for these days checking the availability of Cash online is so important for the ATM card holder. But after announcement of Modi this trick become more important. By following the above mentioned steps you can check the availability of Cash on ATM. now you can save time to withdraw money from ATM.

The above mentioned tips may get real time status of any ATM in India. They help you to find the ATM near you and notify you which ATM has cash or which has not. You can also share with us if you have any other useful tools to find atm cash near you.


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