Finozen App offer: Get 100 extra on adding 500 or more, 100 on each referral (Transferable to bank)

Finozen app offer, Finozen referral code, Finozen money investment app : Finozen is a new mobile app where you can watch your money grow literally. It enables you to invest or withdraw in one click while your money grows at an tearly basis of 7-8.5% rate. Finozen app is offering Rs 100 extra on adding Rs 500 or more using referral code. Your money will be deposited directly to bank account. Also you can refer and earn 100 on each referral. So what are you waiting for? start investing your money through Finozen app and get maximum growth at minimum effort.


How to get 100 extra on adding 500 or more at Finozen app?

  • First of all Download finozen here
  • Open the app and click on create an account
  • Enter your name as on pan card, mobile number, email id
  • Now set a 4 digit pin of your choice
  • Enter referral code 9859882258 in referral code box
  • That’s it your account gets created

How to activate your Finozen account?

In order to activate your account you need pan number and bank account number to instantly activate your account. Depending on your KYC status you will need to submit additional document. After account activation you can now start adding money and start investing.

After activation Add 500 or more and get 600 in bank account. You can either withdraw the money or invest it to grow at interest

How to refer and earn 100 each referral?

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  • Firstly Go to invite & earn (top left corner)
  • Click on “start investing” and share your code with friends in whatsapp, facebook, twitter or any other medium and get 100 per referral after they invest their first amount

What is Finozen?

Finozen aims to revolutionize personal investment habits in India. By Finozen you can invest your money in just one click additionally get returns everyday. While your money remains completely safe you can also withdraw this without penalty at any time. Finozen channels your money to the selected liquid/ultra short term debt mutual fund which gives the best return at lowest risk. Moreover you will have full visibility and control of your money at all times. You can choose to add or withdraw money anytime, anywhere with no penalties applicable.

Key features


  • Invest and Withdraw in One Click
  • Expected rate of returns: 7.0 ~ 8.5% p.a.
  • Withdraw anytime without penalty (i.e. no lock in)
  • Minimum investment is only Rs. 100
  • Completely online and paperless account creation


Some FAQ’s about Finozen app offer

1. How soon can I start investing?

->After entering pan card as well as bank account no your account is created and you can start investing

2. How often I can invest or add money or withdraw?

->any no of times you want. No additional charges applicable

3. How soon will my investments reflect on Finozen?

->all investments will be processed on the next day and reflect in your account on the day after next day

4. Where does my money go once I withdraw?

->Your money will be deposited on the bank account you registered on Finozen

5. How soon can I access my withdrawal money?

->For instant withdrawal you can withdraw your investment in less than 30 minutes, for normal withdrawal schedule of deposit is mentioned on withdrawal page

6. How much can I invest at a time? is there a maximum or minimum?

->you can invest 500 or more

7. How long do I need to stay invested? is there a lock in period?

->there is no lock in period. you can withdraw anytime

8. Can I invest through cheque or cash?

->No, only netbanking or debit card

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