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Hey guys!! After launching Jio 4G network, The reliance Jio has successfully claimed a huge market share of Indian Telecom users. Jio have introduce Jio Welcome Offer where one can get unlimited 4G access till 31st December, 2016. Even thousands of people has downloaded thousands of GBs till present day.

Jio Online Complaint

Jio has near about 25 million of subscriber which are experiencing free unlimited 4G access, unlimited voice calls and messages. But many people still facing many problems regarding Reliance Jio. If one is unable to generate Bar Code then other is facing problem to do Tele-verification. We have wrote this article to help them out who are still facing problem regarding Jio. We have included all necessary information to solve any kind of problem.

Jio Online Complaint @ Jio Online Hep and Support

Mobile Recharge Overload always keeps in mind the user’s need. We always try to notify you about every single trending topic. In our earlier posts related to Jio, we have found lots of comments where our visitors stated about their problems regarding Jio. If someone is facing problem to generate Jio Bar Code, then other is unable to activate his/her Jio Sim Card. We have listed the all common problems related to Jio with their solutions-

Unable to Generate Jio Bar Code : Complain Here

To get unlimited 4G access and unlimited voice calls and messages with Jio, first of all you have to generate a Bar Code from your 4G enabled handset. To generate the bar code successfully Click Here.

If you are still unable to generate your bar code after following the above link, then you have another way to get the welcome offer code.

visit here if you are still unable to generate your bar code

Jio 4G Sim not Activated : Check the Answer

You have notify you in our earlier post how to active your Jio Sim Card. Even hundreds of people has activated their Jio Sim using our tricks.

Click here to activate your Jio Sim now.

In addition we have also introduced Jio eKyc Sim Activation process with you where you can activate your Jio Sim Card within 15 minutes.

Click here to activate your Jio sim with eKyc process.

If you are still facing problems to activate your Jio Sim Card then there is a non toll free number where you can call and explain your problem. the non toll free number is 1860-89-33333. If you are an existing Jio customer then you can call on 198 and 199 for general information and you can call on 1800-88-99999 from any other phone.

Getting slow speed on Jio 4G Sim Card : Get Solution

If you are getting slow speed with your Jio sim card then you can complain at the local Reliance JIO office regarding the network map of your current location OR you can mail the same to

You can choose an other option to increase your Jio sim 4G speed. We have an ultimate trick to get rid of this problem

Click Here to increase your Jio sim 4G speed

Dealer are selling Jio Sim in Black : Complain here

We have heard that many dealers are selling Jio free Sim in black. They are collecting money against the Jio free 4G sim card. If you also counter this problem then don’t forget to launch complaint against them. Call on 198 or 199 and 1800-88-99999 to complain against the black marketing.

Getting week Network on Jio Sim

As I have cited above thousand of people have downloaded thousand of GBs with Jio 4G Sim, because they are getting high speed on Jio. But there are lots of people who are facing problem of week network, for them downloading become impossible. Even they are unable to open whatsapp and facebook also. If you are also facing this type of problems then please call 198 or 199 and 1800-88-99999. Jio is going to make 45000 new tower in all over India to increase their 4G speed.


Whenever we publish a post providing any notification of Jio, some visitors comments on them. And some specific comments tell us that the visitor consider us as a official of Jio. But through this post I am going to clear this matter that we are not associated with Jio in any case, We just provide you just the notification only. So guys read this post and follow the instructions cited above for your specific problem and try to solve that as soon as possible going through the proper way.

Note: We are not talking about all visitors and even we don’t want to discourage them who is considering us as Jio officials. So, don’t take it otherwise. We just want solve your problem by showing the proper way

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